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Analyst Eurasia, Dragonfly - Application Deadline by Friday, July 12th



London, UK
Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2024
About the Position
An Associate Intelligence Analyst on Dragonfly’s Europe-Eurasia desk. This is a full-time, permanent position, based in Dragonfly’s London office. The Associate is contracted to work 40 hours a week, though additional work may be occasionally required depending on specific projects or international travel.
About the Team
The Europe-Eurasia Team is responsible for producing Dragonfly’s coverage of Europe and Eurasia, primarily for its Security Intelligence and Analysis Service (SIAS). This service provides anticipatory security and strategic intelligence for global businesses and international organisations. The team comprises four analysts (including this Eurasia role), all of whom are also based in London.
About You
Your primary responsibility as analyst for the Europe-Eurasia desk is to ensure consistent production and delivery of high quality SIAS products, and executing on duties, taskings and projects.
You are responsible for producing market-leading intelligence products on Europe-Eurasia, with a particular emphasis on the Eurasia region. An analytical mentoring role, the Associate analyst provides guidance and support to junior staff. Depending on team requirements they also carry out peer review and line management.
You potentially have – or have an aptitude for building – an industry profile in analysis on security, politics, geopolitics and strategic issues for the Eurasian region. As such you may well have regional languages and/or experience of working or studying there.

What To Expect In This Position

  • Prepare near client ready SIAS research, analysis, written reports and verbal briefings to agreed deadlines.
  • Conduct open source research in support of timely and high quality security intelligence and political risk analysis and assessments.
  • Develop and maintain our resources, including human intelligence sources, subcontractors, data feeds and open source networks.
  • Deliver high quality project work within agreed timescales, seeking guidance where required.
  • Giving clear taskings to researchers set out appropriate deadlines and deliverables.
  • Providing direction and peer review to peers and junior analysts, including providing constructive feedback.
  • Being proactive in dealing day to day operational tasks and ensuring team delivery demands are met. This is likely to include providing support, for example research, on regions or topics that are outside of the individual’s expertise, as well as reviewing and coordinating on TRM, TT, RFIs and other ad hoc requirements.
  • Seek guidance, support and training from peers and senior colleagues when appropriate.
  • Provide responsive customer service.
  • Develop positive working relationships with clients and prospects.
  • Represent and advocate for the Dragonfly brand.
  • Identify commercial opportunities arising from client contact and engage with appropriate colleagues
  • Maintain accurate records of client correspondence and interaction.

What Sets You Apart

  • 2+ years of conducting research, analysis, written reports and verbal briefings to agreed deadlines.
  • Gathering, Organising & Evaluating Intelligence & Information
  • You take an innovative approach to research.
  • You are able to train and mentor junior researchers on professional grade research methods and how they present research for analytical usage.
  • You effectively initiate, develop and maintain relationships with appropriate sources (particularly subject matter experts and local contacts)
  • You are able to assess people's reliability as a source, including motivations, biases and credibility, access to information.
  • You are able to manage difficult conversations and transactional demands with sources and subcontractors.
  • You ensure timely production and credible but protected citation of sources.
  • You know who the company’s key sources, partners, suppliers and subcontractors are and seek additional information from them.
  • You identify the source strengths and weaknesses in your information base and caveat your probabilistic judgements and analytical confidence statements to take account of them.
  • Analysis and Assessment
  • You generate multiple scenarios to address the intelligence question. You critically evaluate and test these.
  • You routinely monitor multiple scenarios by identifying any triggers to provide early warning.
  • You think creatively and critically about your problem.
  • You make analytical judgements, based on evidence and reason, without concerns about being proven wrong.
  • You test and challenge the reasoning and analytical judgements of others, supporting your team.
  • You make probabilistic judgements in accordance with our methodologies, even where intelligence gaps exist.
  • Written & Visual Communication of Intelligence Assessment
  • You draft assessments accurately, clearly and concisely.
  • You ensure all information and intelligence presented is relevant to the requirement.
  • You articulate complex matters clearly and concisely. You present information in a way that aids comprehension.
  • You apply house style fluently and skilfully.
  • You are able to guide others and provide review and feedback on optimising the presentation of research, intelligence, analysis and assessments.
  • You convert work from less proficient analysts into a high quality product.
  • You apply best practice when creating visual communications in your assessments.
  • Interpersonal, management and leadership skills
  • You share open and honest insights with team members to help them build their self-awareness and understand their impact.
  • You support the development of a trusting and respectful work environment that embraces and values diversity.
  • You ensure your line reports understand how their personal goals align to their area and to business objectives.
  • You ensure your line reports have clear roles and responsibilities and encourage personal and team accountability.
  • You facilitate cooperation within and between units and teams, creating opportunities for sharing and learning
  • Informing decision-making
  • You demonstrate informed, and empathic insight into the roles and typical decisions of our clients, and anticipate their future challenges, decisions and changes they may face.
  • You structure conversations with clients to refine and classify questions to ensure you have fully captured and understood their requirements.
  • You refine client requirements and manage expectations by identifying where and how an intelligence assessment can and cannot add value.
  • Communication of Intelligence Assessment
  • You convey core messages in the time available. You adapt your verbal delivery style for different audiences and clients.
  • You brief your assessments to both large audiences and in one to one settings with clients, encouraging a two way discussion.
  • Company representation and commercial awareness
  • You are able to present and explain in detail company intelligence services, and their features and value to clients and other relevant parties.
  • You proactively seek opportunities to represent and promote the business.
  • You have a full working knowledge of the relevant policies, processes and processes to fulfill with business administration aspects of your role and unit or team.