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Software Engineer II



Software Engineering
United States · Remote
Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024
About The Position
Our mission is to connect the people of the world to their governments, and as a member of our engineering team, you will be part of a high-velocity group of engineers guiding the trajectory of our flagship web application. You’ll be working on the full stack by creating delightful front-end user experiences, improving upon existing and building new backend functionality and internal APIs. You will be coding using primarily modern, server-side Python (FastAPI) and ES6 Javascript (React and Next.js) in addition to a healthy smattering of other web technologies for file storage, asynchronous job handling, and security. You will also be working with the latest Generative AI and LLM technologies as we add AI-based capabilities to our core products. This position supports the delivery of projects end-to-end under the guidance and support of experienced team members.
About The Team
Our team is driven to connect the people of the world to their governments. You will get the opportunity to work at a late-stage startup pushing the boundaries of open data transparency while collaborating with some of the industry’s brightest engineers, data scientists, designers, and product professionals to devise, nurture, and implement solutions to address continuously evolving and increasing client expectations and demands.
About You
Driven. Bold. Thoughtful. You look forward to growing your web-native tech chops and learning from more experienced team members. You’re even more excited to share your skills and experiences and thrive in collaborative environments in which continuously evolving and increasing client demands catalyzes bold results.

What to Expect in this Position

  • Contribute to a high-compute and volume data pipeline. FiscalNote is massively data-driven. We have teams working across our data pipeline from ingestion/scraping to data engineering/ML to search before it is made available to our users. Managing this dataflow and finding ways to validate and optimize our data is essential to our success.
  • Integrate data/functionality across multiple software solutions. FiscalNote is a part of a broader suite of software services and offerings, each with its own market, but all aligned towards our broader vision. Deeply integrating our products, finding synergies and opportunities across multiple existing solutions, and building out new global services will solidify our positioning as an end-to-end offering.
  • Push the limits of what it means to search. The kind of information our clients need and want access to, what is and isn’t important, is constantly evolving. Not only do they want more, they also want better. We need to be able to tell our customers more than “here is what you’re looking for” – we also want to be able to say “and this is why it matters.”
  • Build web application functionality in Python/FastAPI and React/Next.js.
  • Work with and integrate the latest Generative AI and LLM technologies.
  • Work across teams to ensure cohesion and collaboration across R&D functions (Engineering, Product, QA, Data, etc.)
  • Create experiences for demanding end users by applying your knowledge to deliver a world-class user experience
  • Respond to QA, client success, and customer support requests to provide excellent customer service

What Sets You Apart

  • Demonstrated ability to write code and solve problems through software
  • 2+ years of applied experience or equivalent in the software development industry using a modern tech stack (we use Python/FastAPI, React/Next.js, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of production and Cloud environments (we use AWS, Linux/Unix, Bash, nginx, etc.)
  • Familiarity with common storage implementations (we use Mongo primarily, but also connect to Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Generative AI and LLM technologies and concepts
  • Technically curious, eager to learn, willing, and interested in trying new technologies