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Principal Software Developer (Non-US)



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Level: IC7

Reports to: Director of Products

Salary: US $194,970 x COL (example $194,970 x 47.7% (COL Chile)=$93,000 for a candidate from Chile)

We are seeking a Principal Software Developer to join our growing Product Development team. The Principal Software Developer will make significant contributions to BEMO's core products, tech-enabled service offerings, and deliver continuous value to small and medium-sized businesses around the globe who count on BEMO to help them securely conduct business in today’s connected world.

Please read the job description carefully before applying.

BEMO is rapidly-growing company and the Product Department is a key factor in this growth. We deliver continuous value to market and delight our users with the quality of our work. We use lean start-up techniques to fail fast together, grow from validated learning, and celebrate our achievements. We bring our own unique experiences and contributions to the fabric of the team and to BEMO as a whole. We work hard, we play hard, and we are obsessed with learning how to get better. And we are counting on you to help us take the next step.

At BEMO, competencies for the IC7 level are as follows:

• Exhibits a comprehensive depth of technical and professional knowledge in multiple disciplines/domains and a broad understanding of departmental operations.

• Demonstrates a robust commercial and product-focused acumen, considering the broad organizational context.

• Engages with complex issues that have immediate and long-term effects on the organization's success.

• Employs advanced data analysis to inform strong, judgment-based extending beyond specific projects or team objectives.

• Acts with conviction and clarity in urgent situations

• Communicates transparently and effectively with senior management, peers, in support of the mission of the organization.

• Regularly collaborates across departments to advance organizational objectives, providing outstanding examples of proactive, interdepartmental cooperation.

• Influences high-level discussions and decisions, positively impacting the organization, key stakeholders, and ultimately our clients.

Responsibilities & Primary Goals

As a Principal Software Developer at BEMO, you will address complex development and deployment challenges with proficiency and insight. Your role requires a strong capability to create efficient, iterative, and scalable solutions for client-facing products within a dynamic startup ecosystem. We're looking for someone who's seen it all in software development, with hands-on backend/full-stack .NET and Azure experience and plenty of stories to share. If you're ready for your next big adventure, come join us at BEMO and help write our story—and yours.

You will have deep convictions about effective architecture and delivery pipelines for products under continuous usage and continuous evolution. You know first-hand what independent and motivated teams can achieve through teamwork and will wear the hats necessary to get the job done. And you are a patient and caring mentor to other team members who are on their own growth curves.

• Design, code, test, and deliver BEMO products and applications (Azure, .NET, C#, Power Apps, PowerShell, etc.)

• Execute and help to refine the established scrum-based product development lifecycle to deliver continuous, measurable value to market.

• Help to define and/or refine departmental coding, testing (unit, integration, automated), security, and code review standards.

• Provide technical leadership in new development efforts, enhancements to existing systems, and evaluations of new technologies.

• Coach and mentor other developers to help grow their skills.

• Exhibit strong competency in core professional skills, especially attention to detail, responsiveness, follow-through, and flexibility, with a high degree of emotional intelligence and tact.

• Conduct yourself in accordance with BEMO’s core values (accountability, agility, focus, fun, teamwork, and transparency) at all times.

• Work with the Product Owner to define, refine, and decompose new product development efforts into achievable slices that deliver continuous value sprint-over-sprint along an appropriate architectural runway.

• Ensure acceptance criteria for all work are achievable in the beginning and met in the end.

• Perform proofs of concept to evaluate potential solutions and to generate validate learning.

• Participate in structured walk-throughs, security reviews, and technical reviews to ensure application coding and design follows secure coding and design principles.

• Actively support and participate in all team agile ceremonies.

• Create and maintain system architecture diagrams for development work.

• Consistently seeks to improve technical knowledge in Microsoft technology, security, compliance by spending a portion of their time dedicated to certifications.

• Self-motivated drive for excellence.

• Constantly seeks to delight colleagues and customers alike – our ultimate success as a team will be measured by this.

• Other duties and development responsibilities as our team and company evolves.


• BEMO is a global, fully remote company with mainly non-technical stakeholders, so excellent written and spoken English communication skills and a strong ability to empathize and engage with others are essential. Without these skills, technical expertise alone won't be enough to succeed.

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science (or equivalent) with 7-10 years of experience in product development, particularly in lean start-up environments.

• Demonstrated experience designing and developing customer-facing applications in Microsoft cloud environments (Azure, C#, backend/full-stack ASP.NET, Power Apps, REST API, etc.) that interface with many Microsoft cloud applications and technologies.

• An advocate for and ongoing contributor to a healthy, efficient, and evolving agile environment (non-denominational sprint-based scrum/kanban in Azure DevOps) and a champion of the business need to deliver continuous user value to market sprint-over-sprint.

• Extensive experience with Microsoft cloud technology and applications, including but not limited to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Partner Center, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft Lighthouse, Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, Azure DevOps, etc.

• A keen learner with the enthusiasm and capacity to quickly master new Microsoft technologies to enhance our business, stakeholder engagement, and user experience.

• Strong architectural design and problem-solving skills with a strong analytical mindset.

• A collaborative team player willing to support colleagues and capable of sharing responsibilities to meet team goals.

• Demonstrated experience mentoring Junior and Intermediate developers to help the team, department, and company grow our capabilities.

• Strategic thinker with the ability to use current Microsoft technologies to unlock new business opportunities, keeping one foot in the current development landscape and the other in the future.

• Ability to build and maintain a high level of trust with internal teams and stakeholders.

• A passion for continuous learning.

Specialized Knowledge or Skills Preferred

• Microsoft Azure certifications (AZ-400, AZ-305, AZ-204, DP-203, AZ-500, AZ-900, DP-900)

• Advanced knowledge of design patterns relevant to scalable web applications

• Experience delivering high-quality applications using various testing concepts: Unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, automated testing, and test-driven development.

• Experience with database design and data management on applications that consume and generate large volumes of data.

• Familiarity with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) concepts and their application in a business context.

Application Instruction

If you are ready to take the next step, ensure the following acceptance criteria are met by your application. Submissions that do not meet these acceptance criteria will not be considered:

1) Include your most recent resume

2) Include links to any open-source projects or any other projects you contributed to

3) Must include a cover letter:

  1. Cover letter is no more than 5 paragraphs in total
  2. One paragraph of no more than 3 sentences that tells us how your experience and individuality would make BEMO a better place
  3. Another paragraph of no more than 3 sentences that tell us about a large customer-facing product you contributed to of which you are more proud
  4. A final paragraph that includes a link to a YouTube clip from your favorite movie and tell us what you like about it